Hospital Design

Jazz Lifestyle provides healthcare interior design and consulting services for hospital projects. Jazz Lifestyle had created the healthcare interior design for several hospitals in Singapore. Hospitals are the gateway of care for the communities they serve. In providing healthcare interior design for hospitals, the focus for Jazz Lifestyle is well being.

Well being starts with the well being for the patients and the healthcare professionals. Designers from Jazz Lifestyle will meet with the client to understand the client’s philosophy and design aspirations. From this, the designers will visit the site and pore over the floor plans to understand the circulation patterns and functional needs.

Our designers are then able to provide efficient space planning to maximize the space available for patient care. Our consultant designers also help in increasing the operational efficiency of the hospital by incorporating the most efficient flow of people, equipment and supplies right into the heart of the design.

The operational design is artfully blended with the aesthetic vision of the client through our designers’ mastery over the design elements. Jazz Lifestyle delivers an inspiring and contemporary place of healing where patients can recuperate in comfort, healthcare professionals can work in delight and visitors can be with their loved ones in warmth.