Hospital Design

Jazz Lifestyle provides healthcare interior design and consulting services for hospital projects. We have created the healthcare interior design for many hospitals in Singapore. Hospitals are the gateway of care for the communities they serve. In providing healthcare interior design for hospitals, the focus for Jazz Lifestyle is well being. We will meet with the client to understand the client’s philosophy and design aspirations.

Commercial Design

Jazz Lifestyle provides inspiring and contemporary commercial interior designs for commercial properties. Jazz Lifestyle’s focus is translating your aesthetic tastes into an inspiring and contemporary design that is differentiated from your peers. We are focused on creating a vibrant and inviting environment that would subconsciously welcome your customers into your premises.

Residential Design

Jazz Lifestyle creates inspiring and contemporary residential interior designs for living spaces in HDB flats, condominiums, small houses and large houses. Whether you wish to have a peaceful sanctuary to retreat home after work; or to have a energetic and productive home office to continue working, Jazz Lifestyle is proud to be able to tailor a creative and contemporary interior design to match your residential needs.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The creative process would start with our sales designers providing a personalized consultation on site. We will provide you the design fee and estimate total project cost depending on the design area and design requirements you provided, Once both side agree and signed out contract, our design team will immediately proceed to design your project.

Next, our design team would conduct extensive in house research on your behalf to lay out the key ideas, design elements and concepts in the design. Our designers specialize in finding out your tastes in design as well as elucidating the design elements inherent in the site.  They will also study the spatial flows and functional requirements of the site. Efficient space planning would also be carried out.

Our talented design team is at your disposal to incorporate a wide range of design themes and elements from Zen, Five Elements and Yin-Yang to Minimalism and Scandinavian Simplicity.

Once the design ideas and concepts are fleshed out, you will see your design dreams and visions appear before your eyes with the creation of the interior design. Material samples and the 3D perspective drawing will tantalize your anticipation of the completed project. Once the design is finalized, our design team will prepare the detailed technical and purchasing documentation needed for the building and installation phase to proceed.

For projects in Singapore, our in house team will execute the design with no fuss and no effort on your part. All aspects of the design, including furniture and furnishings would be sourced for, especially handcrafted bespoke centerpieces. All the details behind the scenes like wiring and plumbing would also be taken care of by our team.